Tuesday, February 9, 2016


This past Saturday, after Jamie's gymnastics class, I dropped him off at Mama Swede's and hit the road toward Söderköping for Sarianne's Melodifestivalen party. It happened to be Sarianne's birthday, but since the first round of the competition was being televised on Saturday, Melodifestivalen was the clear choice in terms of theme. So of course there was a ton of confetti, glitter, and sequins up in there.
Since she's kind of a big deal in the blogosphere over here, Sarianne managed to get a lot of really fun details sponsored. There was a red carpet outside, for example, a movie theater popcorn machine, a slushy machine (which we obviously used for daquaris), and a bunch of delicious wine and snacks. I made jello shots, which turned out straight-up disgusting but looked super pretty. A couple of the guests were also big-deal bloggers who took photos the entire time, so you could say that the jello shots served their purpose.

We ate sushi and stir-fry, kind of watched the song competition but mostly just cackled, and danced till we dropped. There was so much confetti that when it was over that you couldn't see the floor. I think we spent almost as much time cleaning up the confetti as we did actually partying. Totally worth it, though; I can't overstate the impact of those tiny pieces of plastic on the merriment. Very, very good times indeed.

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