Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve In Söderköping

We're back home after a wonderful Christmas at The Segerstens. We did all the traditional stuff: rice porridge for breakfast, a walk around Söderköping complete with some last-minute grocery shopping and a chat with the local ducks...
 …there were family portraits taken that will never hang on the wall after an outstanding Julbord courtesy of Mama Swede...
...Santa came and terrified/enthralled we four youngest, and many, many presents were opened and tested. I called my mom later that night and even got a rare and much appreciated Skype call from my brother on Christmas day, plus messages from my dad and sister. It was a great Christmas, full of fun, free of stress and I am so thankful for my Swedish family for this holiday and for the rest of my family for the ways you showed your love from far away.

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