Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Panty Raid

Victoria's Secret is super popular over here. It doesn't exist here, except for a small shop in the international terminal at the airport, but it is a sought-out destination for the Swedish ladies traveling abroad. In fact, I've even seen chicks bearing Victoria's Secret bags as their carry-on on flights from Chicago or New York back to Stockholm. And while VS is by no means cheap by my old American standards, by Swedish standards their products are not only exotic, but reasonably priced. All of this explains why the panties-and-perfumed-lotion sales event I went to last Friday with Mama Swede and Gunilla at the local beauty salon was so heavily attended. A lady with an American husband had apparently brought back what I estimate as a ten-thousand-dollar investment in Victoria's Secret products for resale over here (at about a 150% markup, naturally) and it was a hit. The small shop was a cloud of perfume and Swedish babes sipping champagne. But who was the expert, I ask you? This dork, who had tested-driven it all on American soil and found it worthy of my Friday night and my Swedish kronor. 

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