Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Weekend Spirit

What a quiet, lovely weekend we just had! It started with an early morning workout for The Swede, during which I baked scones for the first time ever, with much success, if I do say so myself. I was inspired by Erin, who bakes them every Saturday morning and I'm so glad I decided to copy her because I mess up baking less often than cooking and that is good for my self esteem.
When The Swede got home we hopped into the car then parked far away from the AIK team shop so that we were forced to take a long, cozy walk next to the lake in our old neighborhood to get to AIK's family day.  Jamie picked out a couple of t-shirts all by himself, which made The Swede very proud, then we flirted with the cuddly mascot until we actually got close to him and then one of us got super duper shy and clingy. The picture says it all. Later we wrapped Christmas presents and all crammed into our bed for the night at eight thirty. Bliss, in other words.
Then today Linda brought her girls over to do crafts and drink glögg and eat gingerbread cookies with blue cheese (it sounds crazy, Americans, I know, but trust me on this one). It was so fun to have them over and for Jamie to have friends to jump on the furniture with. We even managed to make some great-looking smällkarameller and paper wreaths. It's been so nice just to be at home and not have anywhere else to be and it's really making me look forward to this year's long Christmas break. Just one more week of work and we're off until January!

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