Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two Thousand Thirteen

Can you even believe that another year has come and gone? It's been a really, really good one, with thousands of moments when I couldn't believe my luck that I'm living this life and loving these people. 
In January we got outside and took advantage of the cold by walking on the frozen lake in our backyard. 
In February we celebrated Ossian's first birthday and shook our heads over how quickly time had passed. 
In March Sarianne invited me along on a weekend event for bloggers much more popular than I am and we enjoyed some major fun, relaxation, and goodie bags.
In April it started to warm up, which meant we got to go outside and enjoy the summer cabin at Molsta.
In May we went to Kolmården zoo and stayed at the hotel there with Erin, Svante, and Ossian. It was a blast and we hope to make it an annual tradition.

In June we celebrated a warm and beautiful Midsummer at Molsta, complete with all the traditional trimmings. 
 In July Jamie turned two and we celebrated by taking the whole month off of work and school!
We spent the month traveling around Sweden, taking it easy and even went to the States where we spent lots of time with Cleveland friends and family.
In August Jamie got to hang with HIS friends back at school and on the weekends.

In September I went back to Cleveland for a conference and stayed an extra day to hang with Mom and Ray and my grandparents
In October Jamie and I double-dated with Erin and Ossian at the Tom Tits Experiment
And in November I went on an amazing 24-hour date with The Swede.
In December we enjoyed cozy weekends at home, including a fun pre-Christmas craft day with Linda and her girls. 

I hope your year was as wonderful as ours was! Be safe and have a very happy new year!!!

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