Thursday, December 19, 2013

Old School

My criteria for whether or not I should post music on the blog is very specific. First, can I imagine my mom playing it over and over again for the next several weeks while dancing around the house and second, would my grandma not be totally turned off by it. (I knew Grandma Joyce had great taste when she fell as hard for MmmBop as I did back in '97, but she is still of another generation. Obviously, or her name wouldn't be Grandma.) I've had some success with this method and I LOVE getting an email from Mom thanking me for introducing her to a great tune or from Grandma letting me know that it made her smile. This one I'm not quite sure about. I've been loving the song for a couple of months but only got around to watching the video, which I happen to really like, today. I have no idea how these two feel about hiphop, the genre that makes ME smile the most, but this is so near pop on the hiphop spectrum that I'm giving it a shot. And I hope the rest of you like it, too!

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