Friday, January 3, 2014


Hiya, guys! My apologies for not having been around the past couple of days. Two thousand fourteen has been pretty low-key so far, with a quiet New Year's Eve at home, an afternoon with Erin and Ossian, one day back at work for me, and then, today, The Swede was sick so I stayed home to hang with Jamie. It apparently hasn't been especially exciting in Sweden in general either, as this story about a woman discovering the flap that holds a popular chocolate box closed made headlines in one of Sweden's top newspapers. Allow me to translate:

Jennifer revealed the Paradis box's secret
The classic Paradis box's secret is revealed by Jennifer Erixon, 19. She found the flap that will change Christmas as we know it. "I became completely overjoyed and so totally shocked," says Jennifer. 

Christmas as we know it, people. Although, I happened to have one of those boxes at home when I read this breaking news item and must admit I was totally, completely ecstatic over the revelation. Here's hoping the new year brings much more good news our way.

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