Saturday, January 11, 2014


Jamie spent the day and night with Mama Swede yesterday since The Swede and I were at a party at work and when we went to pick him up this morning they had walked over to Ingvor and Roland's and were hanging with them. They had two huge boxes of cars and Legos that kept Jamie busy literally all day as we were there for seven hours and he didn't stop playing for a second. Their son, Per, and his girlfriend and their two dogs stopped by for a couple of hours, too, which was a dream come true since I've been longing to cuddle their pug puppy for several weeks. Jamie was more interested in the cars than the dogs, but he did pick up a new word… well, command, really: SIT! We hadn't planned to spend the day like that, but it was really, really nice to spend time with their family and with Mama Swede (who, incidentally, was on fire and cracking jokes right and left) and we promised ourselves to pop in on them more often. 

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