Monday, July 13, 2015

In Heaven

Today I did something totally amazing and it's all thanks to our friend Gurra. I've known for years that his passion is gliding and that he loves to take passengers up with him and The Swede, who flew with him a few years back, has been encouraging me to try it for a while now.
I was a little nervous, I'm not going to lie, but there isn't a person in this world who I'd trust to keep me safe in the air more than Gurra. He told me all about the glider and how the flight would go before we went up and even encouraged me to test the controls once we were in the air. An old propeller plane pulled us up to twelve hundred meters, just above the clouds, then we released the line and just floated, silently. 
There aren't even words to describe how magical it was. I was at the front of the glider and could see all around and Gurra had such precise control over the aircraft that he could point the wings toward things he wanted to show me on the ground, like a number of churches, towns in the distance, and The Swede and Jamie waiting at the airfield below. 
We were in the air for nearly fifty minutes, but it felt like ten. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The landing was so much fun and so smooth and I could totally understand why Gurra flies whenever he can. After we landed, Gurra had a fika prepared for us and even showed us the glider he built himself, which he usually flies when he doesn't have passengers.
It was such a cool experience and, if you have the opportunity, I cannot recommend it enough. I want everyone I know to try it so we can just sit, speechless, and shake our heads over how incredible it is.

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