Friday, July 24, 2015

The Boy's Birthday

A few days ago we told Jamie that he could decide himself what we would do on his birthday and then started dropping hints about the zoo that we love and have visited every summer since he was born. He told us that he was going to wait and surprise us the day of and - surprise, surprise! - yesterday he let us know that he wanted to go to the zoo!
This zoo is particularly awesome because it's also part dino park and part amusement park. Jamie was most interested in the robotic dinosaurs, until he actually saw them, that is, and promptly freaked out. The amusement park was a huge success, though, as The Swede won some awesome prizes for the birthday boy including the much-sought-after gigantic package of candy.
We also got a lot of loving messages from family and friends here and in North America. Thank you, all for thinking of Jambo on his big day! Yep, it was a good one. 

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