Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our Own Paradise

For the third July in a row, our little family checked in to the big red hotel on the hill overlooking Siljan and neighboring Leksands Sommarland. 
There are a lot of places I love on this planet, but this place makes me so, so happy every single time we're there. Just the view and the relaxed vibe and the proximity of fun things to do get me - all of us - year after year. 
Part of the reason we went this year was that Erin and her family were renting a cabin there and we wanted to spend Tuesday with them in Sommarland.
The boys had a ton of fun together and we enjoyed having some additional backup and another couple to chat with.
We spent the morning in the pool at the hotel and drove home this afternoon. Now we're doing laundry and repacking our bags for our next adventure!

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