Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meet Hugo

Of all the new things introduced at the training in Hamburg this week, the one that made the biggest impression was a cocktail called Hugo. The Swede and I took a seat at the bar at our hotel right after we arrived and I watched the bartender prepare a drink of elderflower syrup, prosecco, and sparkling water with mint and lime and, because of my policy never to turn down bubbly, I was forced to try one. It was magnificent. I'm typically a mojito girl in the summertime, but this drink, which is apparently very popular in Germany when it's warm, will be my new go-to. It's not too strong and very simple to make and would be just as delicious with alcohol-free bubbly. If you can get your hands on some elderflower syrup, mix one up with one part syrup, one part sparkling water, three parts bubbly (I suggest a dry one since the syrup is so sweet) and a couple of mint leaves (you don't muddle or squeeze anything, so I skip the lime since a slice isn't going to give you that much flavor). Now you and Hugo go have a nice time.

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