Monday, May 23, 2016


It is obviously taking me forever to get around to telling you all about Becca and Jonathan's wedding, but that turned out to be a good thing because their photographer has already managed to get their professional shots back to them. That means that when I do get around to posting, I'll be able to show you really nice pictures instead of just ones I took with my phone. But until then! 

The Swede, Jamie and I drove our Mustang to Toledo on May 5th, the Thursday before the wedding, so that I could go out with the bride and groom and some of their nearest and dearest for a combined, low-key bachelor/bachelorette party at a brewery.
They served chicken paprikash and chilli dogs from my favorite Toledo restaurant, Tony Packo's, plus a couple of pizzas, and brought Cards Against Humanity, a hilarious party game. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, someone brought bride and groom sombreros for Becca and Jonathan to wear. I got to see Becca's little sister, who I hadn't seen in years, meet some of the couple's closest friends, and, best of all, I got to hang with Anna and her mom. Anna is friends with a few different friends of mine from college, so while weren't ever close while we were at Marietta (save a really cozy Easter dinner at her mom's house my senior year), we have gotten to know each other at events surrounding three different weddings since graduation. And let me tell you, she is amazing. She's the most positive person you'll ever meet and just being around her makes you smile. Jamie fell in love with Anna after three seconds and couldn't get enough of her the entire time we were in Toledo. I made her promise that she'd come visit us in Sweden next summer and she seemed into it, so here's hoping. 
So, the party was a lot of fun - too much fun, if you ask the waitress who had to clean up my spilled drink and who then returned with a refill in a sippy cup. I got to see how perfect Becca and Jonathan are together and it made me feel great about the wedding ceremony that I had written for them. I was also totally impressed by how chill they both were about the big events ahead of them. It was a very good start to an awesome wedding weekend.

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