Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gotta Love The Danish!

Jambo and I dropped The Swede off at the football match then hit up the Lego tour at Mall of Scandinavia this afternoon. This kid is obsessed with Legos and cannot wait to go to Legoland in Denmark this summer, so this preview was much appreciated.
They had a bunch of statues all over the place, plus stations with huge bins of Legos where you could build whatever you wanted. Even I got into it and made Jamie stay at one of the stations longer than he wanted to so I could finish the two-story house I was building. Two stories, guys.
Building something at each station got you a stamp on a card, which you could then take to the Lego store and collect a free kit, in this case a Star Wars space ship. This gave Jambo something to do while I took my sweet time eating a salad.
When Jamie dismounted from this deer I turned around to find a little girl from his school and her parents standing behind us. "You can't climb on those," she said, and her parents pointed at a sign at the base. I looked at the queue of kids waiting their turn to climb aboard and noted the sign. It was in Danish. I understood (it was way too close to Swedish not to) but insisted I didn't. Then we all had a good laugh about what an awesome parent I am. 

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