Monday, May 16, 2016

Getting Around

I've been so sporadic in the past year or so, you probably didn't even notice that I haven't posted in over two weeks, but the fact of the matter is I haven't. In case you did notice and were wondering where the heck we've been (though it's more likely, since you're reading this now, that you actually know me and knew exactly where we've been), we just got back from a couple of weeks in Ohio! We visited family and friends and attended my friend Becca's wedding, and while I didn't take a ton of pictures, I'll try to get you (and my family's sleeping schedule) up-to-date in the coming days.
But before we get to the fun stuff, I just want to give any of you international travelers out there a piece of advice: DO NOT fly into the United States through Chicago O'Hare. The three-hour customs line that caused us and hundreds, if not thousands, of others to miss their evening flights and become stranded in Chicago for the night, was nightmarish. I am vowing here and now never to fly through Chicago again. That night in a hotel on the outskirts of the city was enough for me; I never need to see that place again and I won't even miss that gorgeous neon walkway.
But really, after that night in Chicago, when we woke up across the street from a Dunkin' Donuts and only had a few more hours until we would touch down in C-Town, things were looking up. When we finally arrived in Cleveland, Mom picked us up at the airport and took us home to freshen up, then straight over to my grandparents for dinner with the whole family. Aunts, uncles, cousins... almost everyone was there. Unfortunately I didn't take a single picture, but my excuse is a good one: I was just having too great a time to thinking of it. 
The next day, Mom took us to pick up our rental car and while I was signing the papers on the economy vehicle I had already booked and paid for, The Swede walked in from the parking lot and said to the lady behind the counter, "How about you hook us up with the Mustang instead?" And she totally did! It was totally impractical and had Jamie not been equally enthusiastic about our ride we would have had to wrestle him into the cramped back seat, but we were all so excited that we didn't even notice how ridiculous it was. And listen, I don't usually get all worked up about stuff like this, but that car made me feel like the queen of dang road and I enjoyed every second behind the wheel. So, yeah, no pictures of my loving American family, but a roll of film worth of us posing all over and around that red 2016 Ford Mustang. 
There's lots more to come, so stay tuned! 

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