Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Talk, Eat, Walk, Repeat

It's been almost two years since I've been back to Cleveland, so I wanted to maximize our time with Mom, Ray, and my grandparents. I love just being in their homes with them; everything feels so familiar. We don't ever really do anything in particular, besides eat good food and talk, talk, talk. And that's EXACTLY the way I like it. 
We did spend some time walking, though. Here, with Mom and Ray's rescue greyhounds, Rio and Cooper, who Jamie just loved. Jambo gave up the walking part after a bit, obvs. 
I also insisted on a stroll around my grandparents' neighborhood (during which my loved ones spotted something fascinating on the sidewalk, apparently).
And The Swede had the great idea to check out Viaduct Park, a stream hidden in the middle of town with a breathtaking waterfall. I hand't been there since we'd gotten engaged and had totally forgotten how beautiful it is. 

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