Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beat The Heat

Saturday was actual day of Midsummer, which is basically Sweden's biggest bank holiday, so more businesses are closed that day than any other day of the year. Everyone is supposed to be outside, though, so it's not such a problem. We, however, thought that the mid-eighties temperatures were way, way too warm for hothouse flowers like us and headed to the mall. Halfway there, of course, it occurred to us that all of the shops would be closed. Not the movies, though! So for the first time ever, all three of us went to the movies together. We were the only ones in the theater so it was pretty luxurious. Afterwards, we went to a sports bar and restaurant that also happened to be open and played games and watched a European Championship match. It was still pretty warm when we headed home, but we definitely missed the worst of it and had an awesome time in the air conditioning. 

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