Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Business Cas Fashion Show

The BCFS is back, baby! You probably forgot this was even a thing, right? Well I didn't. No, it's just taken me this long (seven months or so, by the looks of things) to gather five new outfits. That closet cleanse I did last year really got me wearing the same things over and over, which I'm totally fine with, but it does make for a boring fashion blog. Case in point, the outfit above and the one below, which I photographed back in December, I think. I wore the super comfy, probably not super flattering H&M number above a ton this past winter. I do love those boots. 
This was my uniform this winter. Ask my husband. Ask my neighbors and colleagues. This is my favorite sweater I've ever had, it covers holiday-season butt just right and those charcoal jeans are so awesome in my book that I bought backups for when the lycra gives out from so much wear.
This outfit is taking a much-needed breather until fall, when I plan to fall in love with it all over again.
I'm on a bit of a military green kick right now. The jacket is still in heavy rotation, I got some khaki green shorts for when it gets even warmer, and I couldn't say no to these cotton slacks. I had this top and the heeled sandals in mind when I bought them and my instincts were right; this may be one my all-time favorite looks.
Did you hear about the Cavs? When we were in Cleveland in May, the championship was already in their sights so I picked up this t-shirt at the airport on the way home. The Swede later informed me that the phrase "Cleveland Rising" refers to the Republican National Convention and I was dubious, but a Google search doesn't really clear things up either way. Whatever, it's Cavs colors and I wore it to work the day after they won game six and look what happened two days later. Coincidence? Doubtful.
And this swingy thing is a dress I picked off the H&M sale rack just yesterday. It is the perfect excuse to wear my leopard heels, has pockets, cost less than my lunch, and requires zero support garments. Living the dream, I tell you!

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