Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Giving Tree

My grandparents have this gorgeous Japanese maple in front of their house that I've been in love with for years. I think everyone who has ever laid eyes on it is in love with it, actually. You can't not be because it's just a crimson goddess, to be honest. That tree is a significant slice in the pie chart that maps my love for the home it gilds, not to mention the people inside of it. Simply put, it's a very special tree. 
Considering that particular Japanese maple's standing, it never, ever occurred to me that I, too, could have my very own crimson goddess. Sure, you can buy plants and flowers, but trees just are, in my mind. But no! You CAN buy tress! Passing a Japanese maple in my local nursery clued me in to that fact. So I bought one and I planted it precisely according to the Internet's instructions. And, if sunlight and water and my goodwill toward this sapling are enough, maybe someday I'll have grandchildren who will have to duck to walk by it and will look up to delight in the countless scarlet nuances against the sky. 

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