Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Yesterday was Sweden's national day, as well as the first day in forever that none of us had anything planned. When we were all showered and dressed, The Swede told me I had five minutes to find us something to do, so I did a quick Google search and came up with a big celebration at a castle about a half hour away.
A ton of other people had the same idea, but the crowd was by no means overwhelming and we thought the whole thing was pretty cozy. We ate hot dogs and took a tour of a 13th century church, but skipped the tour of the castle because it cost money and we're cheap, hah! We walked around the grounds for a bit and admired the view of the lake and a collection of classic Ford Mustangs.
It was still pretty early when we left and the lake was so still that we decided to take Papa Swede's boat out for a spin. The Swede packed his fishing gear, natch, and Jambo ended up catching two fish all on his own! I don't know which Swede was more thrilled, but it made our collective day, for sure. So I got my church and The Swede got his fishing and Jamie got all the glory. Perfect!

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