Friday, December 9, 2011

Future Fisherman

What is the look in this young man's eyes?  Terror?  Excitement?  Certainly some form of anticipation.  Thing is, little dude is seeing a bit of ice on the lake for the first time in his life.  This wouldn't mean much if he was born someplace else or to a different family, but he wasn't.  He is the grandson of Papa Swede, a man whose love of ice fishing has been well documented on this blog.  So this young man, for better or for worse, will be spending a chunk of his life shivering on the great Lake Mälaren, hunched over a hole in the ice and clutching a tiny fishing pole with his icy fingers.  Who knows, maybe he'll love it like ol' Farfar.  Or maybe he'll hate it and still be a champ like his papa.  Either way, the fact that I gave birth to a boy means double the fish-smelling laundry for mom.

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