Monday, December 5, 2011

Pimp My Tree

We got our first Christmas tree since I've been with The Swede yesterday.  In the past we haven't dared because of the cats, but this year the needs of our human baby and, more importantly, the wants of his mother, have taken precedence.  So The Swede played with Jamie while I unpacked the tree and its accessories, a bunch of generic balls that I hope will eventually be replaced with ornaments that have more meaning as the years go by.  When I was done, The Swede asked where all the glitter was and I told him I was trying not to make it too American for his sake, but American was apparently precisely what he was looking for, so today I went out and got a tinsel garland and some candy canes.  Now it's anything but minimalist, even without the lights, which upheld the age-old Christmas tradition of failing to work.  I'm pleased, but Jamie thinks it's just so-so.

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