Thursday, December 8, 2011

If Floss Is Your Idea Of Goodies

Okay, you know I'm a big USA Lover, right?  But that I also believe, or, dare I say, KNOW, that people are taking much better care of one another in Sweden?  Well, dental care is not Sweden's proudest area in terms of social welfare.  It's free until you're twenty and then there is a decent voucher system to help offset any high cost treatments, but it doesn't compare with the amazing health care system.  Consequently, The Swede waited until the pain became unbearable to make an appointment.  It seems to have been necessary, though, as he came home with a numb cheek and then did something I never thought I'd see in a million years: he poured a bottle of Coke down the sink.  Convincing dentist, eh?  Also, generous.  The Swede was sent home with a goodie bag.  I have no idea whether or not the goodies were government subsidized.

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