Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jul With Jamie

Jamie, The Swede and I spent the former's first Christmas in Söderköping.  Despite the warmth and lack of snow outside, it was cozy as ever indoors.  Jamie got to play with his crazy cousins...
...and his two favorite grown-ups.
He got to take part in traditions like preparing a bowl of rice porridge for Tomten.  Santa Claus runs on cookies, but Tomten prefers porridge, so you do the math as to which culture's Father Christmas is the more sympathetic character.  Jamie's too young for math so he just went along with it. 
Then, the next morning, on Christmas Eve, Jamie and his cousins each got to open one present.  This is a tradition I'm pretty sure anyone could get down with. 
Later, the whole family went for a walk to the cemetery to light a candle for the departed...
...and then continued on to the center of town where we took a publicity shot for Mini.
Everyone was starving when we got home, so Mama Swede slaved away in the kitchen while we watched Kalle Anka.  She worked for hours to prepare a meal that was so delicious that everyone was stuffed with seconds and thirds within minutes.
Then the long wait was over and Tomten showed up to dole out presents.  By that time, Jamie had had just about as much excitement as a baby can take and was a tired crank-master.  He napped through much of the present-opening and screamed through the rest, but I do believe he was satisfied with the result.  And his mom sure didn't mind opening all his presents.
So with Baby's First Christmas under our belts, it's off to bed.  A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours from The Family Swede!

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