Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Boy's First Day

"On Monday, Axel, Jamie, and Noel are starting. Welcome!"
Today was Jamie's first day at preschool.  I know.  Insanity, right?  Since he was born just yesterday and all.  We have had a glorious, fun-filled thirteen months together the awesomeness of which I never could have imagined before he came along.  I am not ready.  Jamie, however, totally is.  He loves meeting new people, playing with new toys, and exploring new places.  Preschool, therefore, is where it's at.  This first week I'll be there with him, getting him "schooled in" as they say, and getting both of us comfortable with the idea of not being together all the time.  This is futile in my case, as it will never be okay (especially since he fell on his face this morning and busted his lip in a big way), and he was a little clingier than usual, but I feel confident that he will be very happy there.  So just, you know, wish ME luck with this big transition.

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