Sunday, August 26, 2012

On The Town

The Swede and I got hotted up, dropped Jamie off at Mama and Papa Swede's, and headed in to the city last night. We had cocktails at a sky bar and then went to one of those swanky restaurants where the tables are packed together so that you're nearly rubbing shoulders with your neighbors. I felt very cool, very cosmopolitan, very aware that I was sitting extremely close to a stranger. The food was out of control delicious and we sat there for hours before hitting the bricks and moving on to the next spot, a bar where we met up with Johanna and Christer who were out celebrating their anniversary. We ended the evening with a glass of champers at a club happening enough to make me feel old and uncool, but very much in love with my husband and thankful for the fabulous night he showed me.

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