Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

Last night The Swede surprised me with an incredible evening. After work we left Jamie with Mama and Papa Swede and took the train into town. As soon as we were at the central station we switched to a cab and The Swede gave the driver our destination in secret. Minutes later we were rolling up to the Hilton, a special spot for us since we met at a work party at the Hilton in Cleveland. Also, it was super swanky so I was pumped. We had dinner and drinks at the hotel then hopped into another cab to another secret destination. And then, when we got there, I discovered that we were going to see Jakten på den försvunna staden, a two-man stage show starring our favorite Swedish entertainers Filip & Fredrik who, incidentally, we saw on the streets of Stockholm last Sunday. I kind of freaked out. Both last Sunday and last night. And, you know, I've seen a lot of shows and this one was one of the very most entertaining and we laughed for two hours straight. Then we slept for eight hours without waking up one. single. time. The Hilton breakfast was the bomb, of course, as was the walk we took through Gamla Stan afterwards. The whole thing would have been wonderful enough, but the fact that The Swede planned it all and managed to keep it a surprise was just... well... let's just say I'm even more in love.

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