Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lonesome Glögg

The Swede is on a short business trip so, as has become tradition when he is traveling, I'm getting as much housekeeping done as possible. This is both so that I can enjoy my time with him when he is here and also so that I can luxuriate in a clean house for a day or two before he comes home and messes it up again. Heh. Typically I just clean the house but today I managed to do that plus make a big pot of beef stew and wrap some Christmas presents. And if I needed to, I would have colored my hair, but since I'm a natural blonde I totally didn't do that. I'm just saying, I would have done it. It's a quarter to ten and the stew is done simmering so I'm going to sit down, smug over my efficiency, and have a late dinner and a teeny little cup'o'glögg. The alcohol free kind, of course, 'cause I may be celebrating my accomplishments but it is just Tuesday.

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