Monday, September 16, 2013

Jamie's Night With Family J

Saturday night was the first time we've left Jamie with anyone who wasn't a relative, so all involved were a bit nervous. Except Jamie, that is, as he became super pumped the minute I told him he'd get to hang with his BFF Ossian. When we got to Erin and Svante's, Jamie waltzed in like he owned the place and started asking for Ossian, who was unfortunately napping. We stayed for a bit and had a yummy fika thinking that Jamie might need some time to adjust, but he seemed to feel right at home. We left when Ossian woke up and it was no problem. Jamie was excited to play with his bud and didn't mind saying good-bye at all. 
Erin was so sweet and sent me updates with pictures a couple of times during the evening and The Swede and I were so relieved to know that everyone was having a good time. Jamie stayed up past ten, though, and Svante was, like, Super Sitter and stayed up with him even though he wanted to pass out with Erin and Ossian hours earlier. And Jamie must have felt comfortable there because he apparently stuck with his policy of waking up at six-thirty regardless of how late he was up the night before. We asked Erin and Svante what their plans were for their Sunday when we picked Jambo up and they were like, "SLEEP." Sleep deprivation aside, it seemed like it went really well and we can't wait to return the favor. 
Please look at the cheeks on these two!!! They kill me!

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