Saturday, September 14, 2013

Making Use Of The Cake Stand

I am totally useless at cooking, this we know. In fact, the first time Jamie belly laughed when he was about four months old was in response to The Swede's gagging after I showed him what we were having for dinner one evening. And sure, this is Sweden, year 2013, and my husband could make dinner instead, but I'm pretty sure I still prefer my gag-inducing cooking to frozen pot-pies seven nights a week. I'm only slightly better at baking, but I enjoy the process and its results much more. Probably because they're carbs. Last week I made cinnamon rolls, pretzels, and meringues and this week I tried biscuits. I thought it was my first time making them, but as soon as I plopped the dough out into a sticky mess on the counter it all felt just a little too familiar. Oh, yeah, I'd done this before. Probably with the exact same recipe, as they were similarly mediocre. But nobody gagged! Nobody gagged. 

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