Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Business Cas Fashion Show

I'd been looking for a polka-dot sweater for awhile (where do I get these ideas, really?) and the first time I wore it I knew it was a success because I couldn't decide between three pairs of shoes that could have been base accessories to create three totally different, fabulous looks. The Swede ended up picking these Zara Kids ballerinas and I went with the orange theme. This time. I can't wait to wear this sweater again another way. And also, here comes one of my best shopping tips: Zara Kids shoes go up to a European size 38 (which is a US size 7.5 regardless of what Zara's erroneous size charts says), they are as cute if not cuter than their women's shoes (though they don't have heels), and cost WAY less. I also have a Zara Kids trench coat that cost half the price of the exact same grown-up version. And I will prance around in kids clothes and shoes without a second thought if it saves a couple bucks. You'll see.
I needed this outfit. The day before had been a colossal failure and my hair had been a disaster, so I was especially pleased that this all came together for me. Thank you, H&M!
Remember that thing about me wearing kids' clothes? Feast your eyes upon the most spectacular sweater I've ever seen, curtesy of H&M Girls. I would tattoo this sweater onto my body if I thought I could maintain any kind of reasonable life with a half-body-horse-sweater tattoo. I think it's that cool. Jamie agrees.
This isn't particularly special, but the sweater has been around for awhile now and is one of my cool weather staples. It has a short row of buttons down the back of the collar that makes it feel a little bit special. And these jeans are treating me well. Grey skinnies are a purchase I would definitely recommend. 
Here is where I totally disregard "seasons" and my well-meaning girlfriends and carry this military-inspired sweatshirt/blazer into fall. This trend-laden photo is going to make me squirm in approximately eight months by my best estimate and will likely full-on haunt me in a couple of years. 

Thank you for indulging me yet again! 

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