Sunday, September 15, 2013

One For The Books

Last night The Swede and I dropped Jamie off with Erin, Svante, and Ossian for the night and hit the town. I had planned and saved up for a fancy date since several weeks ago, but kept the agenda a surprise from The Swede. He knows me well, or at least knows that I know him well, and totally guessed what I had planned. I had booked a table and a room in the swanky neighborhood of Stureplan. 
Dinner was outstanding. We had mussels, calamari, oysters, and lobster soup. If you're being super fancy like we were, you order the cheese plate for dessert. If you ever go to Sturehof, don't eat cheese number four. It is not good. I put an X over it as a reminder not to take a second bite. 
The evening was incredible. The Swede is just always surprising me with how awesome he continues to be. I never expected marriage to be this much fun. We're having an Indian summer here and this morning was downright hot. We opened the window of our hotel room when we got up and the streets were silent, a stark contrast to the partying we heard the night before. When we walked out onto Birger Jarlsgatan we felt like we owned Stockholm and I fell in love with it all over again, just like I did with my husband. Just like I always do.

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