Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Business Cas Fashion Show

Back again... in PANTS!
Don't even bother looking at anything except the shoes. Nothing else in this outfit, or LIFE, for that matter, is more important than these golden glitter booties. 
I got this bright fuschia lipstick on a lunch break last week. I saw it on the sales lady at The Body Shop and it looked so fabulous on her I had to get it. A few days later, my colleague Emelie commented on how nice it looked and I told her that I had planned every outfit around that lipstick since I bought it. Some other coworkers overheard and laughed, maybe because they thought I was joking, maybe because they think I'm ridiculous. Whatever. I wasn't joking. Neutrals until the novelty wears off.
Hot pink belt to go with my hot pink lipstick, natch. It's a shame you can't see it in the picture, but this top has a really cute Peter Pan collar, something I quite enjoy on a top but don't dare to wear too often since I think with the short, blond 'do I'd be bordering too much on a pixieish "look". I'm a very complicated woman. 
I got this blouse on the same shopping trip as my blue, six-year-old dress and it's still going strong, rather unexpectedly for a cheap Forever 21 top. The slightly puffed sleeves with little bow ties make it feel very girly, which I tried to balance with these masculine loafers that were so uncomfortable I was forced to buy replacement ballerinas at lunch. 
By now, you probably understand that most of my wardrobe is made up of items that don't exceed my arbitrary twenty-eight dollar limit (which is more like sixteen dollars if I'm shopping in the States), but earlier this year I decided I wanted to invest in a couple of classic, quality items that I could hopefully use year after year. A handbag, a couple pairs of leather shoes and this J.Crew sweater. It's not cashmere or anything, but it feels luxurious and I love the color.

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