Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dangerously Declicious

I'm back, y'all! What a loser I've been. I offer my apologies, mostly because this post probably isn't much better than writing nothing at all.
Last weekend I got a tip from an acquaintance about an especially sweet American food section at a grocery store near my job that I'd never been to before. "They have Hershey bars," she told me. Say no more.
And it was an especially good American food section. These Swedes must think we're the nastiest population of all time. Marshmallow Fluff? Jolt cola? Beef jerky nuggets? That's what I call a square meal. Really, though, there were quite a lot of desirable items there so I was impressed with myself that I maintained control and only put a small percentage of what I actually wanted into my cart.  Even so, I walked out of that store about fifty dollars poorer.

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