Monday, September 10, 2012

Time Out

It was my first day back on the job, folks. I was feeling anxious all afternoon and evening on Sunday, that same way one feels on any given Sunday, except that instead of the end of the weekend I was dreading the end of fourteen months. And then it just wasn't bad at all. I won't get all crazy up in here and say that it was better than my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle, but I did get to pee in privacy for a change. Plus nobody at work threw a fit of any kind and I never even caught a glimpse of snot for six straight hours. Still, though. So, yeah, I went back to work and skimmed over a years worth of emails and discovered something delightful, something that I never experienced before because I haven't yet worked there during the month of July. During that month, while most of my colleagues were on vacation, they wrote emails addressed to the whole office telling each other about the trips they were on, the renovations they were doing on their homes, the weather wherever they happened to be, the exotic foods they were enjoying, basically how they and their families were enjoying their time off. They would comment on the others' messages and then share their own stories, and everyone clearly wanted to hear how it was going for their coworkers.  It was lovely and just what I needed to get me excited to be part of this very special team again.

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  1. You dont trick me, your screen is black...