Saturday, September 29, 2012

Makeup Luvr 4 Life

Sometime during the last week of the month I receive the beauty box to which I've had a subscription for four months. I am elated as I tear through layer upon layer upon layer of packaging until I get to the contents, five beauty products that are tailored to a profile I did online when I ordered the subscription. And then, as quickly as the high came, it is gone. How many purse-sized hand cremes do these people think I need? And my hair isn't that damaged. I don't need a new, miracle serum every month. And excuse me, but where's the makeup? And that's the problem here: my misunderstanding. See, I'm a makeup enthusiast, not a beauty product enthusiast. I didn't even realize the difference until yesterday when the delivery that I had so longed for proved to be another letdown. So I canceled my subscription. Neither the box nor I knew me as well as we thought we did.

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