Saturday, September 22, 2012

King Of The Castle

With The Swede off working on some carpentry at the cabin with Papa Swede, Jamie and I had the afternoon free to visit with Erin and Ossian. The latter, however, wanted none of it and preferred one of those long, luxurious weekend naps to our company. Who can blame him, really. So Erin and Jamie and I headed over to the Play Castle near Erin's home.
I've been wanting to toss this kid into a ball pit since he was just a glint in his papa's eye. This one was, sadly, only one layer deep but Jambo still appreciated it. Balls are balls in his world. There were kids everywhere and the place was gigantic but Jamie was generous and mostly stayed within the confines of the littlest kid area so that we moms could catch up without having to chase him down. And it's a good thing Erin had some interesting things to say because I needed some distraction. Those slides were calling my name, big time. 

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