Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pillow Talk

I'm a real stickler about my pillowcases.  I like them clean and fresh and I like to know that I'm the only one using them.  I take my own with me if I'm staying over at someone's home.  The only person on this planet I would dare share a pillowcase with is my child, but I also pick his boogers so obviously my sense of hygiene knows some limit.  Also, I might think about sharing with The Swede if he could guarantee me that it would never touch the floor as is prone to happen with his.  Honestly, I can't even be totally comfortable lounging on the decorative pillows on my own couch, to say nothing of other peoples'.  So, yeah, I'm a bit scrupulous about where I lay my head.  Nelson knows this about me, so I can't really understand what in the heck he thinks he's doing here.  I'll tell you this, though, it's an outrage and if I didn't know that The Swede would be upset by my disturbing Nelson's nap I'd toss his germ-ridden behind outside faster than it takes to say "hot water cycle".

1 comment:

  1. Dude, i read this post and know EXACTLY how it would sound if you said it to me in person. EXACTLY.