Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short Story Long

So I have some time on my hands this week.  I have to stay close to home in case Jamie's preschool needs me to come get him for any reason during this second week of the trial period.  I was planning on painting the living room an off-white so that that wallpapered wall wasn't the only beige going on in a sea of crisp white.  Then I calked the downstairs bathroom and hated every second of it and declared out loud on my hands and knees on the shower floor that I wouldn't be doing any more home improvements.  Instead I went to the nearby Ikea to pick up a couple of things for Sarianne from the art section.  And then I fell in love with a photograph on canvas that solved all my life's problems.  My decorating ones, at least.  First, it was big enough to replace the bachelor pad special up there that's been making my eye twitch for three years.  Second, it replaced a big clump of black and white with color, something I've been doing little by little since I took over moved in with The Swede.  Don't tell him.  And speaking of color, that was what caught my eye.  You could have painted a beach scene with the same palate and something about that speaks to me.  Also, I feel like it ties the beige wallpaper in to its grayscale surroundings and contains many of the colors I've been trying to sneak in around here.  And, okay, one more thing.  I'm not typically wild about art that has no personal meaning to me or my family but despite the fact that it's an Ikea print, it gives me warm fuzzies as it reminds me of our trip up the Empire State Building in New York this summer.  So there you have it.  The story of our new picture.

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